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General English (Beginner to Advanced)

  • CRICOS course Code 0101697

  • Course Duration 78 weeks

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Course Description

Australian International Institute of Technology (AIIT)’s primary goal for its General English Course (Beginner to Advanced levels) is that overseas students will be able to communicate successfully in the English language so that they can:

  • Meet the English language proficiency entry-level requirements for Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses in Australia, or
  • Develop their English language proficiencies to be able to successfully communicate (across the 4 English Macro’s in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing) for personal needs or in a range of other further study settings


Course Aims

Australian International Institute of Technology’s General English Course aims to:

  • Develop Accuracy
  • Improve Fluency
  • Provide Motivation
  • Foster Confidence


Course Duration

This General English Course has six (6) levels and each level comprises 13 weeks of face-to-face study (of training and assessment) – fulltime 20 contact hours per week over 3 days per week.

Mode of Study

The program is classroom-based delivery face to face with trainer led training in classrooms, and computer labs.
Students will be further encouraged to utilise their newly developed English Language skills outside their learning environment in their own personal time.

  • Ground Floor 313 - 315 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000


Entry Requirements

    Students will be required to undertake a Pre – Entry Test in order to be placed in their correct level, or will have achieved a passing grade (60%) in a General English Course level.
    To determine the placement level for overseas students undertaking the Pre – Entry Test, it will be the lowest placement level, as assessed by AIIT’s ELICOS Director of Studies, for Reading, Writing, and Listening and Speaking.
    Therefore, the deemed entry level for each student will be the decisive factor when determining the length of the General English course when enrolling an ELICOS student i.e. based on the number of levels a student will be required to complete, this will be either 13, 26, 39, 52, 65 or 78 weeks.
    In addition, all enrolling students will be required to complete all the timetabled training and assessment activities for the levels, in which they have enrolled in this course, as no Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) will be assessed, as this has already been taken into account when determining the appropriate placement level for individual students

Course Levels

Each level will have intakes every week, commencing on the Monday of Week 1 of a 13 week timetable, which includes public holidays and re-assessment and catch-up days up to a maximum of 18 students per Trainer.
Each level has been specifically designed to facilitate self-directed learning, through student-centred activities, with a focus on task-based learning and communicative competence, which is supported by Trainer intervention where necessary.
It effectively mixes the four English Language macro-skills as well as English Grammar skills to optimise the possibility of students reaching their English language learning goals.

  • General English – Beginner level
    13 weeks
  • General English – Elementary level
    13 weeks
  • General English – Pre-Intermediate level
    13 weeks
  • General English – Intermediate level
    13 weeks
  • General English – Upper Intermediate level
    13 weeks
  • General English – Advanced level
    13 weeks
Articulation Pathways between Levels

Successful completion of a Level within this General English Course is achieved when students obtain 60% or above in all English Macro-skills in their final Summative Assessment for Unit 10 or Unit 12 (depending on the particular level).